Fundamental Analysis

Decisions Decisions an important week for Interest rates

As we noted last week this is a holiday period for many in the markets with those in the US often not returning until after labor day, which this year falls on Monday 7th of September.

And yet this week is packed with important data releases ,a key central bank...

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Crucial Week Ahead For The Forex Market

Even with the upbeat US Durable Goods Orders and GDP numbers, that fueled the US Dollar Index (I.USDX) towards registering first weekly positive closing in previous three, the greenback Index is still heading for monthly loss as US Fed policy makers are divided about the September rate hike after recent...

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Is the Fed's September rate rise now in the balance?

August is traditionally a quiet month in the Financial markets (though there can always be an exceptions to prove the rule) and once key data points such as July's Non-Farm Payrolls are out of the way and people tend to go off on vacation, not intending to return before labor-day....

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Can This Week's Economic News Stall USD Decline?

Widespread unrest in the global financial markets, triggered by previous week's Chinese move to devalue Yuan, kept maintaining its effect during the last week. The Forex market, not being an exception, also witnessed considerable moves wherein safe havens, like Gold and JPY, rallied while short covering in the EUR fueled...

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Will terrorism derail the Thai economy?

On Monday this week, Thailand witnessed its worst ever terrorist attack with two consecutive bomb blasts ripping through Bangkok. This attack adds to concerns over slowing economic growth in a country that has already been struggling with years of political unrest.

Market reaction to the incident was brutal. Thai Baht,...

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